Minority Carrier Diffusion Length


SSPG-100 is our standard tool for measuring the minority carrier diffusion length for thin film semicondconductor materials

  • The SSPG-100 has a substrate holder exposed to air and there is no heating
  • The SSPG-100 is mainly used for inorganic materials such as silicon based thin films (a-Si, µc-Si, poly-Si) or any other materials (a-SiGe, III-V, ...)
  • For more details, please see technical description


SSPG-230 is more suitable for organic semiconductors and to perovskite materials

  • The SSPG-230 has a substrate holder sealed in a separate chamber and can be heated up to 200 °C
  • The substrate chamber can be either pumped down or filled with inert gas
  • The SSPG-230 has been applied to BHJ materials such as (P3HT:PCBM) , etc and to perovskite
  • For more details please consult the papers availabe on our web site (references)

Examples of SSPG measurements on thin films



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