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Our products: SSPG for photocarrier diffusion length measurement and SSPC for conductivities measurements and thermal activation energies of thin films

Two familly products are proposed: one for thin film characterization and the second is for device characterization such as solar cells and photodiodes
SSPG-100 for diffusion length of photocarrier is our standard tool for measuring the minority carrier electronic transport properties

The SSPG-100 can also be offered according to customer needs
For more details, please see technical description


The QUESA and QUEMA products can measure Quantum Efficiency and Spectral Response and I-V for all types of solar cells, inlcuding multijunctions. They are based on LED light sources which have several advantages compared to dispersive method based on Monochromator and traditional lamps.
The measurements are fast and reliable thanks to high stability of the LEDs: the calibration is fast and reliable.



QUESA-1100 system



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