Scientific instruments for Photovoltaics and Photonics

Our core business is the development and manufacturing and commercialization of solar cell instruments for semiconductor characterization of thin film and devices such as solar cells and new generation of photoconductive materials.

The main Instruments proposed by TFSC-Instrument are dealing with EQE and solar simulator for Photovoltaïc application. These new generation of instruments are measuring spectral responsivity of solar cells and presents high robustness and flexibility.
Those quipements are dedicated to R&D laboratories in academic or private research. They are also well suitable for training and education centers in order to help understanding how solar cell and photonic device works with flexible and robust tool.
The large area EQE instruments can be used for production line in order to qualify in a fast and reliable way the solar cell with a well adapted spectral range resonsivity that can be slected depending on the production line requirements.


The SSPG instruments, proposed by TFSC-Instrument is dedicated to measurements of minority carrier diffusion length based on SSPG method. This method is applicable for silicon thin films and also for organic and perovskite and other thin film used for Photovoltaic (PV) application or Photonics.

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