Thin Film Instruments for photosensitve materials and devices

TFSC-Instrument is manufacturing scientific instruments for characterization of thin film semiconductors materials and devices.
The QUESA,QUESMA and QUEMA are new generation equipments with innovative EQE and Solar Simulator with I-V measurement combination on solar cells and other devices. The SSPG-200 to SSPG-300 are dedicated to material charactérization such as diffusion lengths and material conductivities: dark and photo.

These instruments which are based on patented concepts allow to measure electronic transport properties such as charge carrier diffusion length for material such as organic or non organic thin films used in Photovoltaïc and Photonic applications. The measurement is direct and fast and highly reliable.
Both SSPG and SSPC techniques are used to extract the electronic parameters of the materials: photoconductivity, dark conductivity, activation energy and majority carrier life time and mobility.


TFSC-Instrument is offering new generation of solar cell characterization by measuring Quantum Efficiency (EQE) in a fast and very accurate way. The light source of the equipment is based on LEDs with convenient wavelengths spaced regularely and are driven automatically and separately. This single wavelength direct mode has a great advantage of illumination intensity with high reproducibility and accuracy (good SNR) as opposed to dispersive method (with monohcormator) which generally leads to small signals. The relatively large spectral width of LEDs has no impact on the measurement of the spectral response at a single wavelength. This particular propetry is due to the Gaussian and quasi-symetric distribution of the LED spectrum. This bahaviour has been proven by calculation and by experiment. Better preformances of EQE measurements are obtained with simpler concept as compared to conventional equipments. It gives also a high flexibility in the light control and in the spectrum choice and illuminated surface. The system can work in AC or DC mode or in boths modes. For example, an EQE measurement in AC mode can be performed at the same with a bias light driven in DC mode. The I-V modes operates in flasher mode with adjustabel timing. The power and spectral distribution can match the AM1.5G or other spectrum on request. The QUESA-1200 has the great advantage to be easyily integrable in a glove-box thanks to its compactness. The measurement method and system is compliant with the norm ASTM E1021-15 and IEC 60904-8 related to spectral responsivity measurement method of a photovoltaic device.

Other great advantages of using the LED is the possibility to integrate easily Solar Simulator option within the same equipement used fro EQE. All our QUESA and QUESMA Systems have an I-V option with solar simulator according to IEC 904-9 norm.



The product QUESA-1200 is dedicated to small active area (< 1cm²)

The QUEMA-1100 is well suitable for medium surface (up to 30x30 cm²) and is well optimized for silicon solar cell ( 15 cm) for example.
Those equipement have the option of I-V measurement under various illumination levels that helps to extract solar cell efficiency and electrical parameters such as Voc, FF and Isc.
The fast measurement time (15 s) allows to the equipment a significant advantage when used in manufacturing line. 

News, Events

- TFSC-Insrument will be present at PVTC2017 (Photovoltaic Technical Conference), to be held in Marseille on April 26 to 28th, 2017. You are welcome to ou booth where you can have the oportunity to test our QUESA-1200 : you may bring your solar cells for testing if you are interested


- TFSC instrument will be prensent at JPH2017 ( journées Perovskites Hybrides) to be held at Angers on May 9th and 10th, 2017.


- TFSC-Insrument will be present at E-MRS 2017 conference to be held in Strasbourg on May23-25th  2017. Come and visit us on Booth 10

- TFSC-Instrument will be present at EUPVSEC-2017 (, please and visit our booth.



We have been at EU-PVSEC or Intersolar Europe, June 22-24 in Munich. Thank you for your visit and interest!


Ceremony at Conseil General de l'Essonne: TFSC Instrument, LPICM from Ecole Polytechnique and "Elus de l'Essonne"
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